Sound Design Workshop

With Rick Dulik

Venue: StageCoach Theatre Company office, 44121 Harry Byrd Hwy. Suite 240, Ashburn, VA 20147

Workshop Cost: $25

Hearing the actors is only one part of theatrical sound design. From the moment audience members enter the theater, they should experience a consistent soundscape that reinforces the overall theatrical experience. This includes the selection of entrance, intermission, and exit music; incidental music during the show; sound effects, and audio reinforcement (microphones for actors). This two-hour Sound Design Workshop will provide an introduction to all of these areas, including hardware (microphone and speaker placement) and software (for manipulating sound files), plus the overall aesthetic design of the soundscape.

To register for this workshop, call 571-477-9444 or email [email protected].

Rick Dulik is StageCoach Theatre Company’s principal sound designer and operator and is also an active sound designer for other local theatre companies. He is a practicing patent attorney, holds degrees in computer engineering and is licensed as an Extra Class amateur radio operator.