Legends and Bridge

A Play by C. Stephen Foster

Produced by Maggie Swan

Directed by Scott Olson

Cast: Anja Dick, Stacy Crickmer, Erika Horton, Danny Seal, Brian Clarke

“Legends and Bridge” is a comedy imagining former, silver-screen legend Joan Crawford (matronly, washed-up, and pickled on spiked Pepsi) who invites Judy Garland (recently fired from her CBS TV show) and Bette Davis (bitter at no longer being the “Queen of Hollywood”) up to her Manhattan apartment in 1964 to live with her as they work on a “secret” film project. Joan attempts to get a sloppy Judy back into shape by putting her on an exercise regime, which Judy takes to like a cat in a washing machine. At the same time, she tries to butter Bette up with little presents. After much prodding from Bette and Judy, Joan reveals the project she has in mind is a screen adaptation of “St. Joan” with Judy and Bette playing bit characters while she stars as St. Joan “Bette, you’ll play my mother and Judy you’ll play ‘the voices’.” After hearing this denture-shattering news, all hell breaks loose as each legend tries to maintain her position as top diva. Back-biting, catfights and skullduggery ensue. Throw in a young boy toy that Bette brings home and a drunk Tennessee Williams and watch the comedy unfold.

Performances will be held on March 4, 11, 18 and 25 at 7:00pm and on March 5, 12, 19 and 26 at 2:00pm. Performances will also be available for livestream viewing. 

Tickets: $25/person + $3 service fee

Livestream tickets: $25/device + $4.95 streaming fee

Intended for an adult audience due to swearing, sexual situations, and adult humor (RATED R).

View the show program here. 

Produced by special arrangement with Black Box Theatre Publishing.