Murder on the Love Boat

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Written and Directed by R. Aaron Thompson

Produced by Jerri Wiseman

Welcome aboard The Mediterranean Mermaid as she returns home from another fun-filled trip full of romance, adventure, and … a dead body. It appears that one of the passengers was found dead next to the railing. Now, it’s up to you, your fellow passengers, your Captain, and your lovely cruise director to solve the crime. Luckily, an FBI agent has just been air-lifted aboard to help. But wait, he has his own agenda…  Murder on the Love Boat promises something for everyone. Set a course for an exciting and new adventure on the Love Boat. 

Auditions will be held

December 17 from 10:00am – 12:00 noon. Please reserve an audition time slot on Sign-Up Genius. Those auditioning will play short-form improv games. Please be prepared for cold readings from the script.

Complete an audition form here. 

Performances will be held the evenings of March 11, 18,  25, April 15, 16 (tentative brunch time), 29 and May 6 at Oatlands in Leesburg, plus area wineries and breweries. 

Actors must be available for all performances.  A small stipend will be paid per performance.

Character list:

Juniper Chive – Cruise director. Daughter of Major Chive.  She’s the “Voice of Reason” throughout the show, although she’s quite awkwardly attempting to keep her father in the dark about her relationship with Justin. She hides a steel bar in her cupcake persona. She can tell you to go to hell so sweetly that you look forward to the trip. She’s trying to be taken seriously in a position in which most women are not.  Background: She was groomed by her father to join the military but chose the hospitality industry instead. According to her father, she was “betrothed” to Basil, although neither Basil nor her father asked her opinion on the matter.  She wants her father to accept her as her own person and to finally stop trying to marry her off to Basil now that he’s dead.  She’s secretly dating Justin. She feels bad about Basil’s death, as he was a childhood friend, but is also breathing a sigh of relief.

Special agent Justin Thyme – He’s a straight-edge hero type, with a thirst for justice. Sees everything as right and wrong, black and white.  He hates the fact that Juniper wants to keep their relationship secret, as lying goes against everything he is. He finds his scruples consistently compromised as the play goes on.  A brilliant officer, but socially clueless. Doesn’t get most dirty jokes. Background: Justin comes aboard as a favor to Basil, but has no idea who the “most wanted” is that Basil was talking about.  Normally, no one would take Basil’s rantings seriously. But, Justin thought Juniper might be in danger and asked the Coast Guard for a ride to see for himself.   Justin met Juniper during one of the functions her father drug her to in order to toss her at Basil.  They’ve been dating in secret ever since.  Wants to make a good impression on Major Chive without actually telling him he’s dating Juniper. Solving the murder would go a good way toward that.

Captain Malachi “Mal” Mustard – A consistent narcissist, Mustard will only ever believe that all women want him and all men want to be him. In the Navy, he was the officer that his men wanted to kill. They tried, in fact, several times.  He is completely oblivious as to how incapable he is as a leader, even to the point where he cannot comprehend someone arguing with him, only agreeing. The only person to make him feel inadequate is his soon-to-be-ex-wife, who is on board and, it turns out, slept with the deceased last night.  Background – He doesn’t need any. He’s Captain Mustard, after all.