Audition Protocols

During the pandemic, we have implemented to following protocols for auditions:

• Please arrive at the StageCoach parking lot about 10 minutes before your audition time and text 571-477-9444 to let us know you have arrived. Please remain in your car until we text you to enter the building.

• Please be prepared to answer the following questions when you are met at the side door:

o Do you have any of the following symptoms:
– Fever (>99 degrees)?
– Shortness of breath?
– Cough?
– Chills?
– Sore throat?
– New loss of taste or smell?
o Are you ill or caring for someone who is ill?
o During the last two weeks:
– Have you been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19?
– Have you traveled outside the area?

• Auditionees will be directed via signs and personnel to enter through a side door to the theater from the parking lot. Please observe social distancing protocols while with us. You should supply your own sanitizer and/or gloves, if you desire them.

• All auditionees are to wear masks to enter and leave the building. During your actual audition, you may remove your mask to give your lines but you must put it back on when leaving the audition space.

• During your audition, please move to the space marked on the floor which will ensure social distancing and stay there while you perform. It is ok to move during your audition, just don’t move forward beyond the marked area.

• You will be directed to exit the theater through the doors by which you entered.

Please note that the production team will be masked during auditions and will observe COVID-19 precautions.