COVID Protocols

StageCoach Theatre Company is taking the health and well-being of our patrons and staff quite seriously. Our COVID-19 Reopening Plan intends to provide the safest environment for all. We have assigned one person in the company to be the COVID director, who will at a minimum attend every read through to be introduced to the cast and crew, as well as emphasizing the importance of following the protocols set forth.

Our action plan includes three components to our overall sanitizing and protocol measures.
1 Surface cleanliness
2 Air circulation
3 Person to person transmission

Surface cleanliness is the easiest to conquer. We have scheduled periodic commercial cleaning and sanitizing programs as well as our own frequent cleaning of high contact surfaces in accordance with the National Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

Air circulation and person-to-person transmission are at times two sides of the same coin and are more challenging to overcome. We have participated in webinars, purchased a UV sanitizer, touchless thermometer, and continue to examine all possibilities of advanced sanitation and safety for our theater and for other spaces where we hold our classes.

We have carefully examined the square footage, number of students, staff and audience on site at one time, and the type of activities to be held. Separate protocols have been established for each activity that takes place.

At a minimum for any onsite event, we will require:
1 All staff will be familiar with health and safety protocols for in-person events.
2 No staff will be allowed to work with a fever, cough, or other known symptoms.
3 No students, actors or staff will be allowed to attend class, rehearsal or performance with a fever, cough, or other known symptoms.
4 No patrons will be allowed to attend a performance with a fever, cough, or other known symptoms.
5 Students/actors/audience will be checked in one at a time with 6 feet spacing marked off.
6 Each student/actor will use the same (labeled) chair and storage bin throughout the camp/production.
7 The recommended social distancing will be observed during all activities.
8 Doors to the outside will remain open whenever possible.
9 Outside space will be utilized as practical.
10 Audience numbers will be limited.
11 The use of masks will be required inside the theater space.

These are subject to change based on updated guidelines and recommendations of CDC and government regulations.