Escape Room

1 hour.

1 diabolical plan.

Can you and your friends solve the puzzles, find the cure, and escape?

Join StageCoach Theatre Company for a game full of adventure and intrigue. You will be locked in a room with other participants. You have to use elements in the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within 1 hour. Explore your surroundings. Be observant. Use your critical thinking skills to escape. This popular game is perfect for corporate team building and good family fun!

$28/person when held at StageCoach Theatre in Ashburn on a public game day

Emergency Containment: Professor Calamity has threatened to release a super toxin into the atmosphere unless his demands are met. We have a mole working in Professor Calamity’s secret island headquarters. You will be dropped on the island and you must find the clues left by the mole. Your mission is to find the cure and escape to save the world.

Minimum 4, Maximum 10 participants at a time. (Ages 13+)

Captain Greenbeard’s Treasure: Captain Greenbeard – so named because he never washed his face – has left his treasure somewhere on this island. His treasure map is in eight pieces in eight locked treasure chests. Can you figure out how to unlock the chests and piece together the map to find the treasure? But beware, there are enemy pirates out there who want to steal the treasure for themselves.

Minimum 2, Maximum 10 participants at a time. (Ages 8+. Each child must be accompanied by an adult.)

Contact us to schedule your escape. We can travel to your place of business or you can join us for a game day open to the public.