Exit Stage Death

Written by Terry Smith

Produced by Jerri Wiseman

Directed by Kat Brais

Production Assistant: Mary Ann Hall

Cast: Marissa Dolcich, Herbert DuVall, Herb Fuller, Allen McRae, Irene Molnar, Michael Sherman, and Jenna Stein

A killer performance is making its encore. A year ago, the critically acclaimed stage production of “Waterboo” ended abruptly when one of the actors died. Now everyone – cast, crew and audience – has been summoned back for a one-year reunion. It doesn’t take long for the rumors to start flying. Was last year’s death really an accident? There certainly are a lot of suspicious characters around. And YOU just might be one of them. Join us for “Exit Stage Death’’ and a zany evening of merriment and suspense.

Scheduled performances for this interACTive murder mystery: August – September 2017. Reservations are open for all venues! Get your tickets today.

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