My Favorite Sings – Storybook Cabaret

A division of StageCoach Theatre Company dedicated to theatre for our younger fans, we feature mostly original plays by local playwrights and classic theatre stories.

My Favorite Sings

“My Favorite Sings” is a summer cabaret for all ages. Several characters based on recent popular animated films are mixed up in the wrong stories. Come see if they make it back to where they belong or make the most of their mishap. This one-act storybook cabaret will encourage sing-along fun and laughter.

Written and Directed by Addie Schafer

Produced by Jerri Wiseman

Production Assistant: Tanya Vanderheiden

Cast Members:

Santiago Alfonzo-Meza, Alexandria Backer, Jeffrey Cates, Katie Hudson, Megan Kelly, and Tanya Vanderheiden

Doors open 30 minutes before the scheduled show time. General admission for all locations. Please arrive early for the best seats.

Scheduled performances:

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