Mystery Adventures

At StageCoach Theatre, we love being able to perform our fun murder mystery puzzles with you.

Consulting Detectives: A Sherlock Holmes Themed Murder Mystery Adventure – available virtually and in-person!

Written and Directed by Michael Young

Welcome to the first annual Consulting Detectives Symposium.  You and your fellow detectives will be learning the newest techniques, discussing case histories, and even hearing a special guest speech by the great Sherlock Holmes.  Enjoy socializing with your fellow detectives over a glass of wine.  But what will you do when you encounter a murder even Sherlock Holmes cannot solve?  You can play a character or relax and listen as you try to solve this devious mystery. **Adult and Family-Friendly (age 10+) versions available.

Wine Chiller: A Wine-Themed Murder Mystery Adventure – available in-person!

Written and Directed by Terry Smith

Enjoy an afternoon of sleuthing, deductive reasoning and wicked fun as you participate in the 10th Annual Winemakers’ Honorary Invitational Society awards banquet – affectionately known as WHIS. Renowned French wine critic, Cabernet Franc, has agreed to judge this year’s competition. As a winemaker, each of you will be competing for the grand prize of $100,000. But alas the awards banquet goes awry when MURDER appears on the agenda. Listen to the clues, ask questions, and participate as a character in this chilling tale, or just relax and enjoy the show. ** Wild and Regular versions available.

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