Photo Gallery – Robin Hood


Meet the Cast of “The Marriage of Maid Marian: Tales of Robin Hood”

Corinne Shumaker as Maid Marian

Andrew Sullivan as Robin Hood

Grant Hilderbrandt as Sir Guy of Gisborne

Herb Fuller as Friar Tuck

Jack Tenshaw as Little John

Donald O’Brien as the Sheriff of Nottingham

Michael Cherry as Fenwick and Soldier

Steve Schrader as Devin

Susan O’Brien as Elizabeth, Maid Marian’s handmaiden

Leandra Lynn as Alan-a-Dale in the Band of Merry Men

Jennifer Bonetti in the Band of Merry Men

Mikayla Hammrich in the Band of Merry Men

Nate Schrader as a Soldier

Amanda Carter as a Soldier

Brian Hammrich as a Soldier