Simple Act of Murder – Murder Mystery

Written by Catherine Hutchison

Produced by Jerri Wiseman

Directed by Terry Smith

Production Assistant: Meera Dietrich

Cast: Mia Amado, Alexandria Backer, Jeffrey Cates, BreAnna Holliday, Blake O’Brien, and Katie Pond

It’s 1928 and the Hudson River Cruise Line is offering a night of murder, mayhem, and delicious food. Sam Hammett is the lead actor in the theatre company performing for the cruise and a notorious gambler. He recently lost $20,000 to the mob. Danny “Little D” Van Slyke is sent to collect on the debt, but when he arrives he discovers that Sam Hammett is dead and the money is nowhere to be found. He takes the entire room hostage until the murder is solved and the money is recovered. The cast and crew, not all of whom were fans of Hammett, are forced to help solve the crime. As the group bands together to look for answers, not everyone wants the events of the night to see the light of day.

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