StageCoach Foundation

Increasing life-skill training through the performing arts for all ages

StageCoach Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to create an affordable educational experience for the Arts community. We are dedicated to bringing quality education, self-growth, self-confidence, and social issues to our community by establishing relationships with local organizations and educational institutions.

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2024 Scholarships

StageCoach Foundation offers scholarship programs to assist families with joining the theatre education programs. These programs offer students the opportunity to build self confidence through acting. Thanks to the generous private donations and matching grants, as well as proceeds from the Foundation hospitality services, the Foundation has a limited number of scholarships available to students ages 5 – 19 for after school classes and summer camps in 2024. These can be applied to camps and lessons offered by StageCoach Theatre Company.

Please complete the application here.

Mentorship Program

StageCoach Foundation offers a mentorship program to young adults. This is a work-study program which allows a young adult to work in the theatrical environment and earn a stipend while learning. The program gives young adults the opportunity to work in a semi-professional setting alongside leaders in their field and learn life enhancing skills. The program is designed to teach them to run sound, lights, and broadcasting in a theatre setting.

The sound program teaches them how to use a sound board, different ways to put mics on actors, and managing sound levels during performances. The lighting program teaches them how to design, program, and execute lights for a theatrical production. Students learn how to broadcast and run cameras for a livestreamed production.

The Foundation partners with local theatres and school theatre programs. Training is run in partnership with StageCoach Theatre.

2024 Support for Summer Camp Programs

Summer camps can be cost-prohibitive for many families, particularly if they run two or three weeks. The Foundation is planning to sponsor 3 summer camps in 2024 in partnership with StageCoach Theatre. These camps, “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Puffs,” and “Matilda,” provide a learning environment where students audition for roles; work as stage crew; and run sound. lights, and livestreaming for the productions. Students who have auditioned but are not cast can still work on the show by building the set, managing props and costumes, or running tech. This builds life-skills as they think independently, take responsibility, work as a team, and take joy in creating something unique and magical.

StageCoach Theatre Company staff – directors, musical instructors, lighting and sound engineers – all work together to support the program.

We look forward to your support. Your tax deductible donations are always appreciated.