Take Me to the Movies Valentine’s Cabaret

Take Me to the Movies Valentine’s Cabaret

Produced by Jerri Wiseman

Directed by Kat Brais

Production Assistant: Lisa Alford

Cast: Lisa Alford, Gene Bates, Ryan Khatcheressian, Molly Larson, Joey Olson, Katie Pond, Susanna Todd

Remember that time, not so long ago, when a first date might have been dinner and a movie? How about those evenings when you hired a babysitter and you and your love spent a few hours at the cinema, just the two of you – holding hands, sharing popcorn, or maybe sneaking a kiss or two in the back row? Come with us on a musical trip down a cinematic memory lane as we present Take Me to the Movies performed by some of the area’s top vocalists! Lights! Camera! Action!

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