The Case of the Mysterious Cravat

The Case of the Mysterious Cravat: An Inspector Giles Murder Mystery

Written and Directed by Michael Young

Produced by Jerri Wiseman

Production Assistant: Thy Nguyen

Cast: Alex Bhargava, Sonia Bronder, Sharon Caraballo, Jeff Cates, Katie Hudson, and Jack Seeley

Join Lord and Lady Bottomton and their housekeeper FiFi LaWowwow at delightful and isolated Table Manor as they host a dinner party for their friends and family. Their guests include Lord Bottomton’s sister, the Dame Dee Ceased, and her disreputable son, Murry DeMorte. But an unexpected item might be on the menu: murder. Can intrepid Inspector Giles get to the bottom of this mystery before it is too late? Join us as we embark on the very first Inspector Giles murder mystery!

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