Unless by Infinite Arts

Directed by Jason Augustowski with Infinite Arts

A mix of superheroes, heart, good messaging and friendship.  An originally adapted play for the stage.  TNG stands for “The New Generation” a group of Power Rangers/Avengers-esque heroes dedicated to abolishing evil… but after their leader has been cursed to an ethereal state, two new leaders step up into his place.  Training a group of young orphans to continue TNG’s noble legacy, they face their greatest challenge yet in Nelvanna – a humanoid demon determined to suck the kindness out of kids at a summer camp.  As she turns the campers to her evil army and gains power in her newly established lair, TNG must band together with new friends to defeat her once and for all.  

Performances September 9 and 10 at 7:00pm and September 10 and 11 at 2:00pm.