Unlock the Mystery Contest

STAGECOACH THEATRE’S Unlock the Mystery Contest


Rules and Waiver

This waiver applies to all participants in the StageCoach Theatre’s Unlock the Mystery Contest.


By providing your email address on this page for the Unlock the Mystery Contest, you are registering for and acknowledging that you have fully read, understood,  and agree to the full Release Waiver below. 

  • By registering for and/or participating in the Unlock the Mystery Contest, you, your teammate(s), friends, those you’re participating and/or traveling with, etc. (hereafter “teammate(s)”) hold harmless StageCoach Theatre and its contractors, partners, sponsors, etc. – meaning, you agree not to sue or make any legal claims against StageCoach Theatre, its contractors, partners or sponsors for any expenses, damages, injuries, or losses from participating in the Unlock the Mystery Contest. You also acknowledge and agree to follow all of the Unlock the Mystery Contest Rules.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate or have parental/guardian consent signed and emailed to [email protected].
  • Participate at your own risk.

You understand and agree that: By registering for and/or participating in the Unlock the Mystery Contest, you and your teammate(s) assume all liability and responsibility for your actions and safety. StageCoach Theatre assumes no liability or responsibility for your actions nor safety, nor the actions and safety of your teammates, nor anyone affected by your or your teammate’s actions.


  • To participate in the Unlock the Mystery Contest, you must provide a valid email address. There is no cost to participate in the contest.
  • Pay attention to details. Keep the information you collect as you never know when you will need it.
  • Teams are not required. If working as a team, only the individual who supplied their email will qualify for prizes.
  • Do not share any results with other contestants.
  • After you have collected all the clues, you must submit your answer via email to [email protected]
      • You will not be notified if your answer is correct.
      • You may submit up to two different answers per email. If more than two answers are submitted, only the first two will be considered.
      • If your answer is correct, your name will be submitted for a live drawing to be held on Friday, October 15th. This makes you eligible to receive one of 6 prizes.
  • Those participating in the drawing will be eligible for one of the following prizes:
    • Grand Prize:      2 Season Tickets for 5 dinner shows (Qty 1) Value $600
    • 2nd Prize:           2 Season Tickets for 3 dinner shows (Qty 1) Value $360
    • 3rd Prize:            1 Season Ticket for 5 dinner shows (Qty 1) Value $300
    • 4th Prize:            1 Season Ticket for 3 dinners shows (Qty 1) Value $180
    • 5th Prize:            1 Season Ticket for 3 non-dinner shows (Qty 2) Value $75 each
    • Every other correct answer:  Discount coupon worth 10% off your next ticket purchase at StageCoach Theatre.
      • Winners may not exchange the value for cash.
      • The tickets and discount coupons must be used within 14 months from the date they are issued. Void after that date.
      • Prize cannot be combined with any other promotion.
      • NOTE: StageCoach Theatre current contractors and staff are not eligible to participate in the contest.

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