Acting Scene Study

Venue: StageCoach Theatre Company office, 44121 Harry Byrd Hwy. Suite 240, Ashburn, VA 20147

Workshop Cost: $70 Email us to register for this workshop.

This 2 hour workshop will meet (4) times and is an advanced acting workshop option for actors who wish to develop or reinvent their skills as well as working alongside fellow acting students. Students must commit to attending all four workshop days and prepare to study lines to end up off script by the fourth class.

The main goals will be:
• Select a scene script in class and be paired with another actor
• Participate in read through of all scenes assigned
• Take blocking notes and discuss character development with the director
• Review how to learn lines and blocking to end up without a script

Each pair will perform for the other students as their audience. Joining the course with an acting buddy to pair with is encouraged, but not required. The director will pair students within the class for specific scenes as needed. Students are welcome to repeat this workshop as often as they wish and new scenes will be assigned each time allowing for variety and ongoing growth with character development skills.

To register for this workshop, call 571-477-9444 or email [email protected].