We have been grateful for all the messages of support we’ve received from our StageCoach family. We rely on ticket sales and group bookings to pay our bills. Cancelled performances and large refunds have negatively impacted our cash flow. Our after-school classes continue online but Spring in-person camps have been cancelled. Registrations for summer camps have basically stopped with so much uncertainty.

Lots of people have asked how they can help during the shutdown. Please consider a donation to StageCoach Theatre Company to keep the theater running. This donation helps to keep the Arts alive in Loudoun County and will have us ready to go once these emergency measures have passed.

We appreciate anything you can do to support us. Thank you!

For tax-deductible donations, please consider the StageCoach Foundation, Inc. The Foundation, separate from the Company, strives to provide monetary support to theatre companies, students, and those who share the love of the performing arts.